If you have a plant, workshop, or warehouse, do you want to install a expensive elevator? Here is an better choice—hydraulic cargo lift platform. In this article, we will list the importance of install a cargo lift for industrial purpose.


First of all, the brilliant feature of cargo elevator lift.


The hydraulic cargo lift can carry a maximum load of 30 tons, realize multi-point control, interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors, and achieve safe use; high lifting height, using side-mounted oil cylinders or double-measuring oil cylinders, stable operation, no noise, convenient maintenance, and long service life ; Power failure manual lowering, emergency stop button, convenient, fast and practical; the depth of the pit is generally 15cm-30cm, the height of the top floor is not limited, and it can be customized according to the site environment; the floor door can be penetrated, and the inside and outside of the workshop can be opened with each other, which is convenient , save space; especially suitable for 2-3 storey steel structure workshop, can be used both inside and outside; pump station adopts imported pump station, if the speed requirement is too high, use imported custom pump station to achieve ideal delivery requirements, oil cylinders and seals Imported parts are used to solve the customer’s oil pressure instability and oil leakage problems. Electrical parts are optional (Shanghai People’s Electric, France Schneider, Germany Siemens).


Secondly, the safety devices of a hydraulic cargo lift.


In addition to the safety devices of traditional traction elevators, the hydraulic lift is also equipped with: overflow valve: it can prevent the system pressure from being too high during upward movement, and emergency manual valve: when the power supply fails, it can make the car emergency drop to the nearest Open the door at the floor position, hand pump: when the system fails, the hand pump can be operated to pump out high-pressure oil to make the car rise to the nearest floor position; pipeline rupture valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures, the car stalls and descends. It can automatically cut off the oil circuit to stop descending. Oil temperature protection of oil tank: When the oil temperature in the oil tank exceeds the standard set value, the oil temperature protection device will send a signal to suspend the use of the elevator. When the oil temperature drops, the elevator can be started.


Thirdly, cheap cost and easy maintenance


Because the cargo lifts structure is easy, its production cost is much lower than elevators. Normally, it is only thousands dollars to buy a hydraulic cargo lift platform. Also it needs few maintenance jobs like change hydraulic oil, keep the chains and wheels oiled, and check with the connections etc.


There much more important knowledge regarding cargo lift, we will write in next articles.