Tim had always been jealous of the other photographers in his city. He dreamed of taking pictures of products that looked amazing and to make an income from it. But he did not have the money necessary to invest into a top-of-the-line camera and lighting equipment. After much consideration, Tim decided to take out a loan and purchase all the tools he needed for product photography. 


He bought a Canon DSLR with a 50mm lens, two LED lights, and a light box. Even after all this investment, Tim realized he was missing something: background scenery. He went out to find some backgrounds but soon realized how expensive they were. Thanks to advice from his photography professor, Tim a photographer with Pro Photo Studio decided to use different pieces of fabric instead – it was much more cost effective!


Piecing together the fabrics, along with all the other different tools, Tim felt proud of what he had accomplished and excited for what was ahead in his journey as a product photographer. From that day forward, he knew that with these tools he would be able to create visual art that would make people say “wow.”