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How to Test Drive a Tesla – Useful Manual


More and more people nowadays start to like Tesla vehicles. Therefore it’s important to know how to test drive a tesla. Some car enthusiasts go green, some consider buying Tesla vehicle posh, and some are sure that in the long-run owning Tesla is cheaper than any other car represented on the market.


Regardless of the reason, Tesla produces cars and such kind of production should be tested before being bought. However, most of the Teslas are being bought online. For those who can’t purchase a vehicle without trying it, there is a Tesla test drive.

There are quite a lot of ways to test Tesla out before buying one. You may see people drive a Tesla around your town or you may want to experience driving an 850.000.000$ car – there is always a test drive. During a pandemic, steps were taken to ensure safety while driving and these measures are still relevant. Tesla today provides touchless test drives.

Keep reading to know how to test a Tesla touchless and what are other options to test drive.

Tesla Showrooms

Manage Your Touchless Test Drive

To begin with, go to the Tesla website to schedule an appointment in the Tesla showroom. You will be demanded to fill in your name, phone number, and email address and confirm them…

How to Test Drive a Tesla – Useful Manual