With this article we would like to give you a good guide to “become a wedding photographer”. 


Being a photographer at a wedding is very demanding. It requires a certain discretion and a great degree of expertise. Moreover, a wedding is a long series of unique moments that can’t be undone, so you only have a short time to get your equipment ready. The pictures need to be taken in a matter of seconds and they just need to be in the box in extremely high quality.


Despite the fact that you are under a lot of pressure when these wedding pictures have to be taken, accepting to be a wedding photographer gives you a really great professional experience. To do this, you will need to use elements from the experience you have from other types of photography jobs.


Wedding photos need to be beautiful, sensitive and have a touch of magic about them


A bride and groom often have quite high expectations of their wedding photos, and it’s the photographer’s job to live up to those expectations. When you have to perform at your very best for these pictures, it is very important that you plan the whole session carefully.


You need to have packed the right equipment, and you need to have two of each part with you. Because you need to be prepared to have a backup in case, for example, the camera goes off just when a vital picture needs to be taken.


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It’s also the case that the images to be taken over the course of a long wedding day can be very different. You may be shooting both outdoors and indoors, and you’ll find that there can be either very little light or way too much light. This places great demands on both your equipment and your expertise.


You’ll also need to pack very practically, as it can be heavy to carry around for long hours.


Here are some tips and tricks for the equipment and some specific advice for the technical side.