This is the first in a series of articles for business owners who truly want some real, practical responses about how to use film streaming video and online advertising in the real world.

Let me start by stating that I am a streaming video and internet advertising creator. After having a background in film and television, I’ve been creating commercials and internet tours for regional businesses in Perth, Western Australia, for nearly three years now. According to my personal experience, streaming video has a steep learning curve and a distinct approach, not only in terms of technical or production aspects but also in terms of business application and marketing.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely spent a decent amount of time researching streaming video and its workings on Google. Additionally, there are some actually excellent articles online.
However, many of them concentrate on topics that, while in some ways important, don’t immediately address the worries of business owners who only want to know the best method for including video on their website. The focus of a typical article selection will be on the overall trajectory of streaming video in terms of a national or international user base. You are familiar with the ones I’m referring to, such as “40% of such and such…” and “3 billion users by….” Others will discuss the technical problems, such as servers, formats, delivery methods, etc.

This is valuable knowledge that is all well and good. But if you own a small to medium-sized business, you’re definitely curious about how it functions at the local level. In other words, how do you go about doing it, what’s the best approach to go about doing it, and how do you best optimise your film once it’s been made? Hopefully I’ll be able to provide you some advice that will help you if you decide to choose this intriguing route. I’ll divide this down into a couple of sections, starting with the choice of how to approach streaming.

I’ll assume you already know why you want to use online streaming video (or audio). We’ll move on to the “how and who?” questions after skipping the “why video?” query for the time being. Then, I’ll go through some pointers that will help you make the most of your production, provide a fantastic video, and then figure out how to get more people to watch it and upload it to your website.

I should hire WHO to make my streaming video, right?

Depending on the amount of presentation you desire for your video, this can be the case. I’ve never generally advised operators to do things themselves. I know you would anticipate this from a video producer, but there you go. Why? Because the finished result is typically a piece of trash with just a minimal amount of novelty value. I’ve said it there. If this offends you, I apologise. Not just a technological problem, though. To a certain level, if your finished video is very amusing and compelling, a typical audience will put up with less than professional visual or sound quality. But because that is so incredibly uncommon, many of the people selling these DIY video streaming packages are just fooling around and trying to con you. It works OK for simple video blogging, but it’s not up to snuff for internet advertising.