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Digital content is dominating the landscape and it has become a favoured medium of communication for every brand. Digital content comprises posts, images, videos, etc that has a digital presence. Amid the various formats one format that stood out has been tested multiple times on the edge of effectiveness is video content. Videos offer a captivating and enchanting experience. If strategically curated it can be used to answer various brand needs like product videos, corporate videos, explainers, testimonials, etc. 

Videos offer remarkable value proposition elements like rich and enhanced communication, better engagement, captivating interaction, precise message delivery, and whatnot. That provides a not-notch video marketing strategy which helps your brand to stay ahead of your competitor’s.   Produced videos are now streamlined and global industries have utilised it for corporate videos, UGC videos, TV commercials, Motion Graphics, Animations, documentaries, etc. for their video marketing and growth purposes. 

Take for example, Nescafe produced a video in collaboration with a video production house where they offered a completely new recipe for cafe Americano. They educated and encouraged their audience to try something new. In the particular video, they utilised motion graphics, animations, and product shoot to make video more relatable and accessible to the audience. The result was a big success, where the video garnered more than 20.6K likes and very high impressions. 

A professional video production company understands the nuisances of multiple platforms and can curate videos accordingly. One shining example is Vidzy, the top video production agency in India. It has delivered videos in various niches and for brands. To name a few campaigns Vidzy has executed are Nescafe, Epigamia, Nobero, Puma, Amazon, etc. 

To register the right growth metric based on key performance indicators brands are collaborating with a top video production agency in India that understands the craft in-depth. 

Lets understand why integrating the best video production services in India with your brand has become so crucial?

Best Video Production Services For your Brand’s Video Marketing

Video production services have the ability to make your video standout from the rest of the competition. In a crowded marketspace, a video production house leverages the data, trends, past experiences, understanding of platforms algorithms, etc to curate a worthy video for your brand.

 The video production studio should offer following services that have become essential as well as integral to prevailing market scope. 

Influencer Based Organic Videos:

  1. Corporate Videos: Corporate videos prepared by a full service production company can answer various milestones like training videos, seminar presentable videos, orientations, etc. Corporate videos allow inbound and outbound awareness over different topics which further becomes a catalyst in brand awareness and increase in sales hence higher conversions. 
  2. Social Media Videos: Social media is becoming synonyms to search engines. Denizens are preferring the platforms to discover new products and services.Latest marketing trends indicate that recommendation based marketing is gaining traction and customers are more inclined to experience the product virtually which is possible with Videos and high end performing AI tools. The video production agency has proper understanding to curate videos according to platform and with social media influencers to garner high key metrics. 
  3. YouTube videos: YouTube is one of the most consumed video platforms. People tend to YouTube to get entertained, educated, and raise their awareness. Brands can utilise Brand videos to create their digital profile and strengthen their domination in the market.
  4. UGC videos: User generated content Videos have risen in prominence because of it is laced with authenticity, unique aspects, and relatable nature. Denizens who consume UGC videos trust it more and it acts as a very powerful tool as testimonials, reviews, first hand experiences, etc. These videos have the ability to influence your target audience through authentic and genuine reviews of your product and services.
  5. Product Videos: Product videos have opened avenues for brands to cater audience specific content. Brands can utilise a video production company to create product videos, explaining the product, intent, etc in great detail for consumers benefits.
  6. Instagram Reels: Instagram reels is one of the most consumed video content. A video making company has rich information about its functioning, creation, algorithms, etc and based on that they can create captivating reels.
  7. Shoppable Videos: Amid the rise of social commerce the importance of shoppable videos has also increased. If your brand has a product or service to offer, you can create shoppable videos for ecommerce platforms, websites, email marketing, etc to generate more engagement. 

Influencer Based Video Ads:

Video ads have dominated the market for far long and it is still prevalent but with a twist. The mix of influencers and content creators. The social sphere is now inclined more towards recommendation based models. Your brand can utilise a full service video production company to create video ads easily. 

  1. YouTube Ads: YouTube is used by more than 2.5 Billion people. During videos they offer ads placement of varying length. Your brand can use the opportunity to place your ads. But if you want more conversion than enrich your YouTube videos on comprehensive research. To your rescue a professional video production house already possesses the data sets. 
  2. Instagram Ads:  Instagram Ads are also a great way to engage your audience who are available on Instagram platform. A top video production agency in India integrates social media influencers to create these ads and provide you an edge over competitors.
  3. Linkedin Video Ads: Linkedin Is one of the most professional platforms that you can target if your intent is to answer B2B brands, B2C brands, B2G, or any other. A top video agency in India has rich metrics and can augment your efforts to register massive growth.

Wrapping Up:

From a bird’s eye view, the importance of video content format is far and wide. The applicability and resourcefulness that it offers is unmatched. If your brand wants a head start or boost your growth, collaborating with a professional video production company is a wise choice.
Vidzy, is the top video production house in india. It has more than 7 years of experience, more than 2 Lakhs on-boraded content creators, rich and experienced teams, a portfolio of numerous successful campaigns, etc. Vidzy can provide you with the strategy that till now you were missing.