One of the hardest competitions a triathlete may take part in is an Ironman triathlon. The majority of people train for years before they achieve the level of readiness required to even consider competing in such an event, but getting physically ready is only half the struggle!

To make sure you stay on the correct track to IronMan triumph, heed these top suggestions. I used the following advice to complete my first IronMan triathlon in 2011, and I had such a great time that I registered for another race this year.

First-Rate Tip: Conditioning

You’ve probably put in enough time and effort in your triathlon training to know where your weaknesses lie. Everyone has a weakness, so you should concentrate on this to ensure that you have no gaps in your armour on race day. Having stated that, the cycle is one aspect of the IronMan that needs proper care. Since the race’s cycling portion accounts for more than 60% of the overall finishing time, you should spend at least 60% of your training time on a bike.

2nd Best Tip: Swimming

Prior to race day, it is imperative that you ensure your swimming ability. In order to qualify as a proficient swimmer, you must have completed the entire 3.8 km in open water at least three times. You actually need to practise everything, from breathing on one side to prevent the wind from suffocating you with spray, to being able to swim without arms. Pool swimming is no substitute for the battering that you are going to get during the start of your swim (for when you are trying to get round that first congested buoy).

Join a club or community for triathlon.

It can be really boring to train. While some people love spending hours riding alongside, the majority of riders value the encouragement and sense of camaraderie that a club gives to their training. You may always look for a triathlon forum online or join one of the several Google groups with many hundreds of members if you are unable to join a local club.

Fourth-best tip: Work on transitions

When it comes to IronMan races, this is likely the most crucial thing you can do. Ideally, you should have raced a Half IronMan before your major IronMan race. Make sure you have completed at least a couple triathlons in the same equipment that you will use for your IronMan race.