The world of retail is changing. More and more, shoppers are buying their goods online, where they can find lower prices on much of the same inventory offered by big-box stores, as well as more variety from specialty shops that might be located only in their local area or even just one specific town. That’s why more and more retailers are offering mobile apps that allow shoppers to browse for and buy items from their smartphones at any time of day or night, whenever the urge to shop strikes them.For more information click here: smart shopping cart project report


People who shop for groceries often find it difficult to remember all of their shopping list items and what aisle they need to go to. It can also be frustrating when a shopper has already walked across the store, only to realize that they forgot something on their list. The Smart Shopping Cart project aims to solve these problems by utilizing technology in order to make shopping more efficient.

Literature Review

Retailers are turning to technology to provide customers with a faster, more convenient shopping experience. The goal of this project was to explore how technology can be used in a grocery store to improve the shopping experience. Researchers looked into two major ways that technology could help make shopping easier for consumers. The first idea was an app that would give shoppers information on what items they want and where they’re located in store, so they don’t have to search around for them.


This project was conducted to see how technology could improve the shopping experience. The project team went to three different grocery stores and recorded their shopping experience. They then created an online survey for shoppers to fill out about their shopping experience and answered a questionnaire that asked what they would like to have improved in their shopping experience.


Members of our team spent time in stores to find out what shoppers want and need, while others gathered data on how people actually shop today. We found that many shoppers are frustrated with current shopping carts, especially when they’re heavy or difficult to navigate. So we came up with an idea for a new type of cart—one that’s lightweight, has a built-in digital screen, and lets you know when you’re getting low on groceries.