The much anticipated soccer world cup is coming up, which means that the preparation, delight, and excitement are all starting to grow closer.

The countdown to the FIFA 2010 South Africa mistrzostwa swiata is rapidly approaching zero, and before we know it, we will be watching the opening match.

Some people may blame us football fans for having World Cup fever too soon before the tournament starts, but they do not realise how long the wait is for this event.

The top soccer teams in the world last faced off in Germany in 2006, which was a long time ago. For those of us who love soccer, the time has finally come to experience one of history’s most viewed and admired events.

The Soccer World Cup is one of the few occasions in today’s world where you can witness world-class athletes giving it their all and working hard for their nations and teams.

The globe is eagerly awaiting the chance to sample some of South Africa’s best cuisine, watch the World Cup with friends, and experience some unforgettable experiences.

There is no better feeling than watching your country’s team score a goal, as many of us have witnessed the tremendous motivation that soccer fans provide to their team when they are watching a game.

Soccer fans will be happy to hear that planning for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is proceeding according to plan.

It was an honour for the host nation’s native daughter and actress Charlize Theron to assist with the draw and choose which teams will play in which groups. Now that she has done so, all we can do is wait in anticipation of the inaugural game between South Africa and Mexico, which will take place on June 11th, 2010 at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

The opening match of this outstanding international event will take place in just a few weeks.

These are the groups:

  • South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, and France will make up Group A.
    Argentina, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea, and Greece will make up Group B.
    England, the United States, Algeria, and Slovenia will make up Group C.
  • Group D will consist of Ghana, Germany, Australia, and Serbia.
    The Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, and Cameroon will be in Group E. Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, and Slovakia will be in Group F.
    Brazil, Korea DPR, Cote d’Ivoire, and Portugal will make up Group G.
    Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile will make up Group H.

As you can see, many of the world’s top soccer teams have already qualified for and are scheduled to play in the South Africa World Cup. All we can really do is wait a little while longer.

Soccer matches in the first round will start on June 11 and end on June 25.

The World Cup’s tougher phase will then start, providing us with some of the best action for which we soccer fans have been waiting for four incredibly long years.

The only thing we can do is hope that time moves a little bit more quickly for us so that we can see the first match as soon as possible.

The world’s top soccer players are all preparing for this occasion in order to provide us with some of the moments we have been anticipating for a very long time.