Refrigeration is used to preserve food. Regular treatment keeps leather supple and gleaming. The mummies of ancient Egypt were wrapped in fabric after being treated with specific oils to preserve them. But how can you keep your expensive, difficult-to-find Cuban cigars fresh? Well, of course, with the aid of a humidor! To regulate the level of humidity around cigars and other tobacco products, use a Humidor

Unlike Another Box

A cigar humidor may initially appear to be a typical box. It is made of wood, and its inside is frequently carved from gorgeous Spanish cedar. But, a humidor is not merely another box. It is mostly used for storage, but it can also be used to preserve and age cigars. It might even be a priceless family artefact that is passed down from one generation to the next or used as furniture.

An Ideal Humidity

For preserving cigars, a humidity level of 68% to 72% is optimum. This is at room temperature, which ranges between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time. A hygrometer is frequently included in a humidor to gauge the level of humidity inside the container. Then, by adding or withdrawing moisture from the interior, it maintains its ideal range of humidity.

The Seasonal Time

So you got a humidor for yourself or a friend. Should you put your cigars inside it right away? No, is the response. Fresh humidors and humidors that haven’t been used in a while need to be “seasoned” first. A humidor makes the environment for cigars more humid. The cigars would dry out if you skipped this step because the wood would absorb their moisture. As was already said, the interior of a cigar humidor is typically made of cedar.

Aromatic Humidor

Why should your cigar humidor be seasoned? So, seasoning creates an environment in the humidor that is similar to the tropical climate where the bulk of cigars are made. Follow these instructions carefully and sequentially to season humidors:

  1. Put a fresh sponge in distilled water to soak. Avoid using soap or fragrances. Moreover, avoid using tap water since it includes minerals that could harm the humidifier.
  2. Clean every piece of exposed wood. This includes the dividers and the interior lid. Avoid using paper towels or frayed cloths since they could harm the wood.
  3. Mist more distilled water on the sponge. After that, position it inside the humidor for cigars on a plastic bag. As the plastic bag prevents the sponge from directly touching the wood, it is important.
  4. The humidifying device needs to be cleaned after being filled. After that, it should rest on a hand towel for around 30 minutes.
  5. Place the humidifier tool and damp sponge inside the humidor, then secure the lid. Let it sit overnight.
  6. Refresh the humidifier the following day. Additionally, extra distilled water needs to be added if the sponge is only marginally dry.
  7. Let the humidor to rest for one more night. Then, remove the sponge and plastic bag. Please click here more details Zigarren kaufen