Remember that we’re not attempting to be a picture copier machine and reproduce the same image on another sheet of paper when we do a pencil sketch from a photo. For more details, please click here

I believe we are all artists. This offers us the freedom and authorization to be original with our creations. Otherwise, why bother taking the time to use a photo to produce a pencil sketch in the first place?

However, having that freedom comes with the duty to use good judgement while pencil sketching from a photograph. Why do I say that? I’ll explain.

As artists, we have the freedom to decide which elements to include in the drawing and how to depict them if we’re going to do a pencil drawing from a photograph.

For instance, you might wish to caricature a face or crop out some of the image’s details to avoid offending the viewer.

To get it properly, you have to try a few times. You’ll get more effective at this with practise. But generally speaking, it’s wise to try things out before using them.

To achieve this, isolate each component in a photo and sketch it out as a rough shape on a distinct sheet of paper.

Next, attempt to arrange them differently to see what you can come up with. You can move on if you’re satisfied with the drawing’s composition.

Also, it’s crucial to always draw rather than trace when sketching from a photo. Keep working fluidly across the drawing’s surface with your pencil, and don’t stress out too much about errors. Always go back and make corrections. Maintaining natural pencil strokes is crucial in this situation.

You can create some fantastic pencil sketches from your images if you can keep the aforementioned in mind. Take pleasure in the activity!