Today’s commercial real estate industry requires you to develop some distinct tactics for your personnel and job duties. When comparing sales agency employees with administrative support employees, there are certain obvious distinctions that should be made. Both are necessary, but they must complement one another properly. For more details, please click here terrain à vendre sénégal

Here are some observations to aid you in developing your agency’s staffing plan in light of the current market dynamics and demands in your area.

An novice salesperson can become a good salesperson after a decent amount of time. By pairing up the younger or new team member with an experienced top agent, you can occasionally expedite that process. That being said, the best agent should be able to impart their expertise to others.

The sales team members are at your company to lease and sell. They generate the income. Based on such assumptions, they ought to generate revenue that is at least average or above given the state of the market.

If your sales team needs a particular type of property talent, it will benefit you to uncover that agent’s experience at another company and hire her or him. Because of how specialised our sector is, it can often take years to acquire the expertise and experience that certain market segments demand (e.g. retail shopping centres).

Administrative assistance should be available to every salesperson. You are losing money as a business if you stifle a strong seller with tedious paperwork that might be completed by others. For at least half of the day, make it simple for the salesperson to exit the building and enter the market.

Your agency’s selection of administrative staff members will always be a concern. Administrative personnel will frequently come and go from your office because there are restrictions on how much they may and should be paid. Make sure you are getting the correct talent mix for the agency team when you re-employ any replacements.

Having a defined relationship between the job duties of the sales and administrative employees pays well. Systems and work requirements will help you in this. Some salesmen have a tendency to be particularly difficult in terms of “conflict and attitude,” which must be managed to some extent in order for the team to be productive.
Good personnel that contribute specialised expertise to the company build a good commercial real estate office. You must be adept at optimising and managing people if you want to lead the commercial real estate office.