Today, we’re going to look at Cerakote, which has become the ultimate gun finishing spray in the firearms community. So what makes this product so great and why do so many people use it? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect with Cerakote and some things to keep in mind before deciding if it’s right for your project. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of this spray, along with some examples of how other people have used it in their own gun refinishing projects. Let’s start with…

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What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a type of gun finishing spray that is used to protect and beautify firearms. It provides a durable, corrosion-resistant finish with a variety of color options. Once dry, the Cerakote coating is tough enough to withstand abrasion, corrosion and impact damage. The first step in using Cerakote as a finishing solution for your firearm is to clean it thoroughly with an appropriate solvent cleaner and degreaser.

Why Use Cerakote?

Cerakote is a spray-on ceramic coating that will provide your firearm with a durable, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant finish. It’s also available in a wide range of colors to help you achieve the look you want for your gun.
It’s important to note that Cerakote doesn’t just cover up surface defects on the metal – it actually makes the underlying aluminum stronger and less prone to wear.

How to Use Cerakote

First, Cerakote will need to be applied to the gun. This can be done with a spray gun or an airbrush. Then, there are several things that should be considered. What color does your firearm need? What level of durability is required? How much coverage do you want on the surface area?
The next step is to apply Cerakote in the desired area and then bake it in an oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Tips for Applying Cerakote

  1. Read the instructions for your specific gun type before you start. 2. Be sure to clean and degrease all surfaces that will be coated with Cerakote. 3. Apply the Cerakote in a manner that will minimize overspray onto non-coated surfaces, including yourself and other people in the area. 4. Let each coat of Cerakote dry before applying another coat. 5.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cerakote is a high-performance coating that will give your gun the finish you have always wanted. It has a number of benefits and can withstand extreme temperatures. To clean it, use soap and water and rinse thoroughly before applying Cerakote again.