When it comes to outfitting a ship, ferry chairs play a crucial role. They are highly valued and always at the top of the purchasing list. However, finding the proper ferry chairs that meet all the requirements is not an easy task.

Most ferry chairs have an aluminum frame for two reasons: first, aluminum is corrosion-resistant and ideal for standing up to the sea environment, and second, it is lighter than other materials. It is crucial to ensure the strength of the aluminum used. Dynamic load tests must be conducted on ferry chairs under the IACS rules.

For economy class ferry chairs, cost savings are a significant consideration. Although luxury is not a priority for these chairs, comfort is still essential. Foam cushioned ferry chairs are the top choice for most passenger ferry economy classes. The upholstery can be either fabric or synthetic leather, with fabric being more durable than synthetic leather, and synthetic leather being easier to maintain.

The ferry chairs for economy class do not need to be too luxurious; hence the cushion width of the chairs is typically 450mm. The seat pitch is 850mm for fixed seats and 1000mm for reclining seats.

Armrest installation for ferry chairs offers various options, such as armrests installed at two ends, which reduce the width of a single row, and armrests installed between each seat and two ends, which give each passenger private space. Ship owners can choose between two types of armrests, open or closed, depending on their preference.

Most ship owners or builders require a bag under the ferry chairs to store life jackets, making it very convenient for passengers in emergencies. The life jacket bag is usually custom-made to fit the life jacket dimensions perfectly.

TRA-02 and TRA-03 are the most popular ferry chairs used in passenger vessels worldwide. Clients can choose any color that matches their vessel’s interior design, and they are highly durable and easy to maintain, with a service life of up to 10 years.

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