Accounting software solutions speed up and streamline the accounting process while guaranteeing error-free business-to-client interactions. Accounting software adoption in SMBs assists in the elimination of errors in dealings with clients and enterprises. Furthermore, improving connections and reputations while freeing up time to focus on the primary company concept.

Middles East with its own set of Taxation norms across UAE, which differs from the rest of the world; needs customized and hand-tailored solutions to run all kinds of small, medium, and large-sized businesses and their accounts in order to manage the businesses efficiently.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly partnering with e-commerce corporations and connecting with other internet applications. Accounting software usage is projected to rise even more in the future as features such as automated bank feeds and automated billing capabilities become available. It increases efficiency by tracking all accounting transactions. Controlling the money that moves in and out of the company. The program’s capacity to handle a company’s accounts has also been enhanced. Account payables and receivables, corporate payroll, general ledger, and other business modules may all be controlled easily.

Accounting and IT solutions in the Middle East

Emerald software is a global IT trade firm in Dubai, UAE. They’re dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in achieving their goals by assisting them in overcoming day-to-day business obstacles so that they may operate at an extraordinary level.

Moreover, they seek to provide the highest value propositions to our clients in a responsible manner because we have the drive, passion, and desire to excel. The combined strengths of our personnel provide us the advantage of generating strategic value through operational efficiency and providing cost-effective, accurate, and timely solutions.

Emerald mainly deals with accounting software such as Tally Prime, QuickBooks, CRM, HRMS, ERP, Hardware & Web Designing, and Web Development. Emerald functions in Dubai, UAE, and across the Middle East. The firm’s major aim is client satisfaction. They have multi-domain competence and in-depth knowledge to provide clients with only proven and top-notch IT and accounting solutions. They deliver superior tailored solutions, allowing businesses to focus on core business activities.

Products and services at Emerald Software

Emerald Software caters to the accounting needs of a diverse range of businesses as well as practicing professionals. In addition, they give you and your company a one-stop compliance solution. They also allow you to handle the accounting process with simplicity, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on other aspects of your business and its operations.


Emerald Software is the top ERP Dealer or Partner in the UAE. They have been recognized as the finest ERPNext supplier in Dubai, UAE. They have a strong and dedicated staff team of the best software professionals since they have been supplying clients with feature-rich, powerful, and cost-effective solutions. Their staff provides all types of customizations required for your business and addresses all of your demands to assist your firm in growing. Emerald offers the best combination of technological competence, outstanding customer service, and reasonable pricing.

Furthermore, their assistance and customization have enabled ERPNext to be adaptable to a wide range of businesses. They also provide modules like as Accounting, HR and Payroll, Sales and Purchase, CRM, Projects, and Asset Management.


Emerald Software is an authorized reseller of Tally ERP 9 and Tally Software in the UAE. They are a well-known multinational company that specializes in the implementation of business solutions inside the Tally framework. They improve the effectiveness of their customers’ enterprises by bringing an unrivaled understanding of business processes to the table.

It has been a key component of the Tally Partner Network, delivering excellent knowledge and efficient, effective services to technical experts.

In response to customer requirements for customized and personalized service, they deliver Tally ERP 9 installation. In addition, we are committed to providing clients with all of the help they need to get the most out of their TallyPrime implementation.


Emerald is an authorized QuickBooks partner and reseller. Their professionals give incredibly effective support with any of your QuickBooks problems, as well as QuickBooks training with branches all throughout the UAE. They also set up QuickBooks for all UAE customers, including those in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ajman. Emerald also provides QuickBooks software maintenance on a yearly basis. Furthermore, they offer excellent online and onsite QuickBooks assistance. Customers in the Middle East can call us at any time of day or night. They also provide a free Intuit QuickBooks demonstration.


Emerald is a certified Sage dealer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. They are an authorized distributor of Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage CRM, and all other accounting and management software. Customers that buy their products from them may be eligible for free services and support for a year, as well as several other perks and lower prices on other IT solutions. They also provide excellent client support and services both online and on-site. They ensure that your work is never interrupted due to technical or software concerns.


Emerald offers the most customizable options to meet the demands of your company. Elate, their in-house software solution is gaining traction in the accounting software market. Based on the demands of the organization and the customers, they modify the system and add custom fields. Users can construct processes and approval procedures more simply, which are often tough undertakings. Deal with VAT-enabled ERP solutions as well. Elate ERP System Dubai has a simple user interface and is simple to grasp.

The program is reasonably priced, and the deployment process is expedited. Elate ERP System UAE is a modular software system that allows you to use as many modules as you require to meet your company’s requirements.

Web services

An excellent company website is more than just a collection of appealing pages. Web Services UAE at Emerald not only creates websites from the ground up, but also hosts and maintains them to ensure peak performance, as well as promotes customers’ websites via search engine optimization, social media, and other means. Within SMB budgets that are inexpensive

They provide customized Web Development solutions to match the needs of our clients in Dubai, UAE, who range from start-ups to well-established or conventional businesses searching for outstanding web design services in Dubai, Bahrain, and the UAE.

Some of their services are-

  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Customized Software Development
  • Server Installation
  • Networking
  • Ip Telephony & PABX

Other IT supplies and services

They provide the best IT support and IT services to keep your business operating smoothly. Accounting and IT solutions, such as server installation services, are provided to small and medium-sized enterprises in the UAE and Dubai that lack experienced people for server installation and management.

You may also choose an annual maintenance contract, in which they will visit to your office on a regular basis to keep your PC in good working order. They also sell and ship a variety of computer products. In addition, we provide a variety of services and software to businesses in the UAE and the Middle East.

  • CRM Software
  • Cheque Printing Software
  • HR & Payroll
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Property Management Software
  • POS Software
  • ERPNext


Emerald Software has been delivering Accounting and IT solutions around the Middle East and has been the finest provider of Accounting and IT solutions throughout Dubai, the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates. They offer a complete IT and accounting software solution, as well as hardware services. Along with Elate’s in-house ERP Software and accounting services.

The Web Services team has produced hundreds of small company websites in addition to hundreds of medical/healthcare websites. So, if you’re searching for a team with the necessary talents and expertise, give them a call or send them an email now to schedule a free consultation.