kumkumadi oil has been used to help clear up acne, improve your complexion, and increase skin elasticity for years now, but if you’re new to the world of Ayurveda and natural skin care products you may not know much about it. These 3 benefits of using Kunkumadi oil on your face will show you why this ancient skin care product has been around since the time of ancient India and continues to be used today to help people achieve clear, healthy skin.

1) It Reduces Inflammation

Kunkumadi oil is made from the seeds of the neem tree. The tree has been used in India for centuries and has been found to be effective in many different ways. Neem oil contains a natural compound called azadirachtin, which is an insecticide and fungicide that can help fight off bacteria and viruses.

2) It Evens Out Skin Tone

Kunkumadi oil is a natural skin care product that is used for glowing skin. It contains many different nutrients that help to even out the skin tone and protect it from harmful UV rays. It also helps with preventing acne breakouts and has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness in the skin.

3) It Promotes Healing

Kunkumadi oil is a great choice if you have dry or acne-prone skin. It helps to heal skin, prevent acne, and reduce the appearance of scars. In fact, many people use it as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can irritate skin and cause redness or peeling while kunkumadi oil is soothing and promotes healing.